”; Recognizable for his smiling face and jolly, round belly, the laughing Buddha can be a welcome addition to Feng Shui home. Known by a variety of names including, Ho Tei, Hotai, laughing Buddha and Happy Buddha, he is thought to be an omen of good fortune, prosperity, and contentment.Continue Reading

How To Work With Crystals: Hematite It’s helpful to think of hematite as an anchor, it’s energy is super grounding. As soon as you hold it, it starts to make your system feel more grounded, centered, and anchored in your body. Click over to https://krista-mitchell.com/blog/howtoworkwithhematite for more images and theContinue Reading

Tiger Eye Stone Powers | Benefits | Healing | Colors Tiger’s eye stone, which is a quartz group stone, is one of the most valuable healing stones. The tiger’s eye stone is a stone-turned stone. Usually used as jewelry. The tiger eye stone is known to be good for asthma.Continue Reading

”; The past records very clearly show that India is a country where in anything can happen any time! The earthshaking and epoch-making terror attacks of 2011 are one such example. These kinds of occurrences have made it very crucial and important for Indian citizens to update themselves and beContinue Reading

”; When it comes to watches, it plays an essential role in one’s fashion sense. A watch is more than just an accessory and is an extension of your style and fashion sense. Today’s watches incorporate some of the finest designs with revolutionary technology and all this at nominal rates.Continue Reading

Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan is the yoga of awareness. It is the science and technology of energy channeling and integrating the energy our body mind to live in alignment with our fullest potential. It is the ultimate transformation tool. As a beginning student, you can participate inContinue Reading

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7 BEST Style Trends for 2020 | Men's Fashion Trends | Alex Costa Here are 7 of Men’s BEST style trends for 2020! ● FORTE SERIES: http://forteseries.com ● MY FREE NEWSLETTER – http://bit.ly/AlexCostaNewsletter ● FOLLOW MY INSTAGRAM – http://bit.ly/AlexCostaIG ● SUBSCRIBE TO ALEX COSTA – https://goo.gl/RQdFEH ● LEVEL UP COMMUNITYContinue Reading

Many people often misunderstand the Reiki or healing with energy. In this article we will be looking into 5 common myths about Reiki and how you can align yourself with the highest degree of healing. 1) Reiki Healing is a Cult or a Religion   This is completely wrong. ReikiContinue Reading