Becoming a Psychologist: Pros and Cons


However, there are two cons of becoming a psychologist. Psychologists have highly challenging tasks! They often have to work under stress and great pressure. And not always they can see the results of their work!

One more con is a long educational way. You have to study quite a lot to practice independently as a psychologist! To get a license you must pursue Ph.D. in psychology. All the other psychologists’ career paths demand well-rounded education and practical experience as well. So to get a highly-paid job you have to study for seven years or even more!

…and Pros

Still, let’s talk about pros of becoming a psychologist. And they’re quite multiple as compared with cons! What are the benefits of becoming a psychologist?

For starters, you’ll acquire a deep knowledge of human nature. Why people act in a certain way, what do they mean acting like this, what are their real thoughts and intentions. Understanding the nature of people’s behavior is vital everywhere, no matter what professional field you choose! Throughout the academic studying you’ll be able to gain a valuable knowledge which you can apply in your future profession. You’ll study the theories of human behavior and many different therapeutic techniques in detail. Isn’t it interesting?

Next pro – attractive salary. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, median annual salary in the fields of clinical, counseling and school psychology comes to $84,220. Those who work in the industrial-organizational sector can make $117,470 a year! Well, but we talk about psychologists with some experience. For those who are just starting their career salary would be $41,070 on average. The highest salary have psychologists in private sector. Yep, it’s quite costly to visit a psychologist!

What else can be added? Becoming a psychologist is a rewardingArticle Search, but rather challenging path. Just consider all pros and cons of this profession and decide what is more important for you. Becoming a psychologist can turn into prosperous career for hard-working and persistent people. But are you the one?

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